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– from the "special " point of view of the investor.

Each real estate investment consists of the building itself, a large number of contracts - including the tenants, a financing and tax concept and much more. What separates us from our competitors?

We start our activities by clearly framing the project objectives. What does the investor or owner expect? Which strategic targets can be defined? Which fiscal objectives do exist or have to be developed? Which deadlines have to be met and which budgetary aims have to be achieved? Are there any givens that have to considered?

We integrate all relevant components into a comprehensive definition of objectives and manage them comprehensively in a holistic approach during project development or execution. Formally, most of the time we are "only" consultants, but we always act as if it would be our own investment which needs to be continually optimized considering the agreed target definitions.

Only the optimal interaction of all areas leads to optimized project results.
We take care of this!

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