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Comprehensive Real Estate Development Services and profound Project Management skills are our core competences.
As the representative of the investor resp. the owner we provide the best possible attainment of the project objectives.

Beside that we offer varying services as for example convoying project controlling, project studies, project optimization, and project restructuring during critical project circles.

Regional focus in the Viennese Real Estate Market, we have a close contact to the CEE and SEE Market and the respective specifics of these markets, due to long-standing activity in these markets.

We develop the property with the special focus on the requirements
of the future users and the aspects of sustainability.
Our core competence is the consistent composition of all disciplines,
based on long-standing activities in the different fields of experience.
We focus our activities on the project objectives, which are agreed with our partners and clients – their achievement is our goal.


Conception, structuring and elaboration of the ty and legal concept of the Investment
Conception of the planning giudelines and implementation in the architectural concept
Conception of the marketing in coordination with real-estate agents for the highest acceptance by users and investors
Clear illustration of the project financing structure thrue project feasibiliteies and cash-flow analysis according to international standards
Cooperation with high qualified specialists out of the different disciplines to secure the best possobile project success
Optimal presentation of the project due to professionel created folders and marketing documents


The ideal realisation of the project is based on the results of a balanced development result.
We optimize the parameters in the context of the project management tasks constantly and take care that the balance of all framework conditions remains preserved. Long-standing experience and competence, a consistent control of all processes as well as team-oriented procedures count as our success factors.


Preparation, documentation and implementation of a comprehensive realization structure
Ongoing controlling of all procedures
Permanent controlling of all processes - in the real meaning as steering and controlling
Focusing on an optimal project completion - the attainment of the defined project goal


We offer tailor-made solutions for all questions around the property. In the context of the provision of consulting performances our activities are aimed at the optimal attainment of the defined aims - again and again. Exemplarily some areas on which we have worked with partners and customers in the past:

We accompany a Real Estate Investment as a not operative acting supervisory unit and give both -the investor and the project participants - constantly impulses for the optimization of the project.
The accompanying project supervisory activity is a classic consulting service, while we actively interfere the project executing the performance categories "Project Development" and "Project Management" as the representative of the customer.

You are the owner of a property or the opportunity of a property purchase arises. You are looking for a sound idea how a successful building- or project concept can look. We prepare development concepts and utilization studies resp. analyse existing concepts.
The approach of a Developer goes into the local conditions in greater detail than that one of Architects. We include architects and other experts into our activities to develop a consistent concept. We also step into an active discourse with the authorities to discuss principles of spatial planning and zoning regulations.

We describe existing structures objectively, work out comprehensive optimization suggestions and create the base for the entrepreneurial added value with that.
The structure of operationally used buildings reflects mainly changing operational and economic cycles. Property costs develop unregulated, entrepreneurially valuable capital, which is left unexploited, is the consequence. We analyse building specific framework requirements of enterprises and organisations.

> Recording and illustration of all influence factors around the existing Property
> Elaboration of suggestions for an optimization of areas and rooms under consideration of the entrepreneurial targets
> Implementation of the optimization suggestions in cooperation with architects, construction companies and other specialists.

The professional structuring of the transaction optimizes investment values and shortens transaction periods. We know expectations and requirements of institutional and private investors - the “Real Estate Investment” will be formed and presented optimally.
Legal, tax and technical conditions are analysed and embedded in the optimal contractual system. Recognized specialists, like lawyers, tax consultant as well as civil engineers accompany this way.

> Collection of the investment criteria’s and recaps to show the resulting search profile
> Look for suitable investments and first review whether the essential investment criterions are filled
> Conception of a transaction structure and structuring of the due diligence phase
> Support of the acquisition until the take-over with implementation of the following Property Management of the investment
> In the case of a property sale we develop measures with the focus of the optimization of the obtainable selling price  
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